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Game Information: Premier Roulette is one of the most advanced and popular roulette wheels on offer both online and in live casinos. This version of the game of roulette has been on offer for many years in brick and mortar casinos and is now also included in more than a few online casinos. Premier Roulette is not much different to your Classic Roulette as it offers the same numbers from 0 to 36 in red and black with 0 being a green number. The real difference between the games comes in the extreme customizability of Premier Roulette table and bets, which makes the game much simpler and even more entertaining.
Premier Roulette online casino game
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Premier Roulette Gameplay and Rules

Premier Roulette wheel is very similar to the more classic roulette games, but the table differs quite a bit. The betting table includes some very customized bets that you could not normally make with a single click on a more standard online roulette tables.

The game still includes your standard bets, such as straight up number betting, red/black, odd/even and column bets. These inside and outside bets can be placed with a simple click on either the numbers, the lines between the numbers or the specific red, black, odd, even and other fields available.

On top of these regular fields, Premier Roulette betting table includes some customized betting fields such as Orphanels, Neighbors of Zero, Chevals and a whole bunch of other bets, all of which include a certain preset set of numbers, which you can bet with a single click instead of going into detailed choices of each number.

On top of these customized bets, the Premier Roulette allows you to save a betting layout of your own. Pick one or multiple sets of numbers and simply record them with the game. Click the layout you wish to bet on your next spin, and your numbers will be automatically selected.

To help you make better and mathematically more sound decisions, Premier Roulette offers a number of statistics, much more detailed than a normal roulette game. You can automatically find out which column, colour or part of the wheel has been hot or cold and make your bets in accordance with these statistics, for much more optimal betting.

Premier Roulette Playing Tips

Premier Roulette does not change the rules of the game too much and you will still be getting paid at the same rate of 35/1 per number, with the house edge remaining at about 2.6% per spin, nothing a bit of luck and smart betting can’t beat.

When it comes to tips for the game of Premier Roulette specifically, ones that certainly come to mind are constant tracing of the statistics, in order to understand what type of numbers have been running hot and cold as well as the use of preset betting patterns, which use smart bets placement to ensure you have a good chance of winning no matter what part of the roulette wheel the ball falls into.

While no one can guarantee you that you will win in any type of roulette, Premier Roulette does guarantee that you will have an easier time playing the game, more stats on hand to make use of and less chance of missing a number you were intending to bet, which can be quite frustrating. The extra options offered by Premier Roulette certainly make the game more than worth checking out.

Premier Roulette Pros and Cons

When it comes to the pros of playing Premier Roulette, we have already discussed all the extra statistics and possible bets that you will be able to make use of. These will allow you to make better bets in a shorter period of time, ensuring that you never make bets that don’t really make any sense and that you don’t randomly scatter your chips across the tables.

Premier Roulette does not really have any cons, other than maybe being too simple at times, which may take a bit of fun out of it. For instance, betting the preset numbers may cause the player to stop actually thinking about the game and make some pretty automatized bets, which is not the best way to have fun.

To counter this, we recommend choosing some numbers yourself and experimenting with various sets of numbers, saving your own customized layouts and switching between them as you see fit. This way you will be both having fun and saving time at a later point when you are re-betting your favourite numbers.

You can try Premier Roulette at a number of online casinos, with multiple software providers creating Premier Roulette wheels for casino games. Try the game out with free or real money at one of the casinos and let us know your experience with this highly advanced roulette wheel.

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Last Updated: March 25, 2019