European Roulette

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Game Information: European Roulette is most likely the most popular form of roulette around the world, and especially in the European casinos. Seeing how most online casinos are European in origin and ownership, it is quite natural to see European Roulette as the most widespread roulette and table game overall in the online casinos. The game is featured in virtually every online casino out there, with more and more casinos also introducing live European Roulette wheels into their online offering, which lets players place bets online on the outcome of real life roulette wheel spins.
European Roulette online casino game
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European Roulette Rules and Gameplay

European Roulette wheel is split into 37 divisions, each with a number in it. When the game is played in a live dealer casino, the dealer spins the roulette wheel in one direction and a little metal ball in the other direction. The goal of the game is to guess which division the ball will end up in once it has stopped spinning around the wheel.

The divisions on the roulette wheel are also coloured, with one half of the numbers being red, the other half black and the 0 field being green. Before the wheel is spun, the players must place their bets, which is done at the table that is joined to the wheel. The table contains a field for every one of the 37 numbers as well as lines between them and some extra fields where players can make the so called outside bets.

The inside bets in European rules include betting on the exact number that will come next, or betting any type of split. This means players can place chips on the line between the numbers, which means they are betting those two numbers, with half of the bet going towards each, or on the corner between four numbers, one quarter of the bet applied to each of the numbers.

The outside bets can also be placed on the fields surrounding the number fields. These include the column or row betting, red/black and odd/even betting which pay much lower but are also lower variance bets. For instance, a red or black bet will pay 2/1, but will also come almost 50% of the time. A straight up number will pay 35/1 but will only come once out of 37 times, making it much harder to hit, but a better gamble if you are going after a big win.

Of course, when you are playing online, the wheel and the chips will all be virtual, and the outcome of the spin will be calculated by the random number generator, with the graphics still showing you a spinning wheel. The random number generator will calculate one of the 37 fields completely randomly and you can be assured that every casino we are promoting is triple checked by outside commissions who make sure that the random number generator is truly completely random.

European Roulette Playing Tips

European Roulette can be played at top online casinos for any kind of stakes you prefer, ranging from micro stakes to extremely high stakes allowed at some casinos. If you are going to sit down in this game, we recommend having a sufficient bankroll to prevent you from going broke fast, but remember that European Roulette only gives the casino a 2.36% edge, one of the lowest of all casino games.

This low edge is easily negated for very long stretches of time by applying solid strategy and bankroll management as well as betting systems which make it very likely you will end up a winner for some time. The important part with roulette, like all gambling games, is to quit when you are ahead and not go too far chasing losses if they do occur.

European Roulette Pros and Cons

European Roulette’s biggest pro is certainly the fact that it only gives the casino a 2.36% edge, which is one of the lowest in the gambling world, making it more profitable for the players than online slots machines and most other casino games.

European Roulette also allows for some pretty simple yet effective systems to be applied, which will in most cases end up beating the house and making you a big winner. What is more, most online casinos will give you a juicy deposit bonus when you first start playing with them and this means you can play with double or triple the bankroll and after a certain playthrough requirement is met, withdraw all your winnings and your bonus amount.

European Roulette is truly one of the most exciting online gambling games, guaranteed to give you hours of fun and exciting moments. The one thing to always be careful about is the possibility of going overboard and allowing yourself to bet more than you can afford. Gamble responsibly and we can guarantee that European Roulette will be among the most fun online gambling experiences you have ever jumped into.

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Last Updated: March 25, 2019