About Casinogamesguide.ca

Casinogameguide.ca was established in 2016 with one purpose in mind: providing players in Canada with all the required information to find the best online casinos that cater to their specific needs.

While most decent places these days offer similar conditions in terms of game selection and even bonuses, we focused on uncovering sites that provide gameplay in the domestic currency (CAD), allow deposits and withdrawals using methods preferred by Canadian players, and have a customer support team that understands Canada-specific issues that players could encounter.

While this may not seem awfully important to you if you are new to online casinos, take our word for it: these seemingly small things matter a lot and can significantly influence both, your bottom line and your levels of frustration when encountering a problem that you can’t solve on your own.

Who Are We?

If you are wondering who is behind the site, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Nathan and Malcom, two casino players just like you are, but with just a bit more experience in the industry.

I (Nathan) have come to know casinos from inside and out quite literally, as I've used to work as a dealer for nearly a decade. That provided me with quite a unique insight into the inner workings of a casino. While online casinos are not quite the same as their land-based counterparts, there are still many similar elements which I am able to recognize for what they are and give you, the players, a fairly good idea about what to expect.

Malcom is an advantage player I met a few months before I decided to leave my job. Two of us together have come up with an idea of creating this website catering specifically to Canadian players. As for Malcom's contribution, there is hardly a casino game that he doesn't know inside and out. The man has been making living for a long time looking for the games with best odds and promos to take advantage of, and he is now sharing that knowledge on this site.

What You Can Find on the Site

When we first sat down to create a sort of a map for the site, we tried to figure out everything that needed to be included. Hopefully, we were successful in our efforts, as Casinogameguides.ca brings you:

Our Vision

We are not putting this one in there just because every site needs a vision. Two of us have actually started out with a real vision, and that vision lives on. It may not be a very complex one, but it is certainly the one we believe in.

We want players from Canada to have a go to site catering to all of their online gaming needs, from helping them find the best and most reliable online casinos, to catching up on the latest strategy advice and tips.

By offering these resources, we hope that players who frequent Casinogameguides.ca will be able to turn the tables on online casinos and learn how to take full advantage of even the smallest edges to turn profit. While this vision may seem a bit unrealistic, given that "house always wins," Malcom and I are firm believers that when one truly applies himself to something, there is always a way to reach his goal.

While casino odds are stacked against you as a player, there are ways, as you could see on this page, to minimize disadvantages and, occasionally, even come out ahead. Using right strategies, playing in the select games, and always keeping your cool, you will put yourself in a good spot even against the stacked odds.

That's our vision for Casinogameguides.ca! Of course, not all players will have enough patience to do all it takes, and that's fine - online casinos can be a lot of fun either way. But we want to create as many winners as possible and, hopefully, carefully crafted content found on this site will enable us to do exactly that.


Last Updated: March 25, 2019