Responsible Gaming

While online gambling can be very entertaining and occasionally profitable endeavor, there are also numerous dangers lurking from the shadow. It is not only the fact that gambling can turn problematic quite easily, but also that many online casinos, sadly, look to cheat their players out of their money and have no intention of running an honest business.

Finding Trustworthy Casinos

In line with these concerns, it is of the utmost importance to always check your online casino history, their license provider, auditors’ reports, and similar. Those online casinos running transparent business operations and not looking to scam their players will gladly undergo different tests for fairness and randomness of their games and will proudly display the fact on their pages.

Apart from reliable licensing bodies, like Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commissions, and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, which are your first distinguishing factor between reliable and shady casinos, there are also independent auditing agencies which ensure the game fairness and check if casinos’ random number generators are truly random.

One such organization, eCogra, is the leader in the independent auditing sector. Many reputable casinos willingly submit to eCogra tests to prove their players they provide safe and fair gaming environment.

All of our recommended Canadian casinos are regulated by reputable authorities like the ones mentioned above and submit themselves regularly to eCogra audits. This, combined with a long standing and impeccable history without any serious players’ complaints, is a guarantee that casinos reviewed and recommended on this site will always treat their players with respect and players’ funds will remain safe at all times.

Staying Clear of Rogue Casinos

As mentioned, there are many rogue casinos out there, lurking in the shadows and waiting for unwitting players to fall into their trap. You need to stay as far away as possible from these casinos as they will not only steal your money outright, but will also cause you a lot of grief and frustration, trying to make you believe they are not doing anything wrong.

These casinos will often try to attract you with huge (and unrealistic) bonus promises and other perks. Basically, they will say whatever you need to get you to deposit your money. Once you do, however, they don’t really care about you anymore, and if you happen to win, getting your money to your bank account will prove extremely difficult if not entirely impossible.

For more information on rogue casinos, their shady practices, and things to be careful about before committing any money to an online casino check out this in-depth article on the topic of blacklisted casinos.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling, online and offline, can be a lot of fun. If you happen to catch a lucky streak, you can earn a lot of cash, and this is one of the main motivating factors behind playing. Without the monetary incentive, gambling would not be nearly as attractive. In fact, it wouldn’t be gambling at all – and there’d be no problems.

However, this idea of winning life changing money or at least scoring enough in a single night to take care of some of your most pressing issues sometimes becomes a preoccupation and, from there, it turns into addiction.

Gambling addiction is very real, despite the fact some people are still trying to deny it and blame it on “weak characters.” It can happen, it does happen, and it will continue to happen. It is one of the dark sides of online gambling.

All online casinos are as aware of the fact as anyone else, if not more. However, the thing distinguishing good and honest casinos from the rogue ones is the fact that good casinos will provide many tools to help problem gamblers get away from their addiction and seek help. The rogue ones will simply look to take their money.

Many online casinos, and especially those recommended on our site, employ various measures to help problem gamblers. From limiting your daily, weekly, and monthly deposits, to self-exclusion options and links to organizations that can provide help, the best operators out there are not looking to take advantage of people with problems.

If nothing else, they realize such practices are bad for business, and will do everything in their power to prevent addictive behavior and stop problem gamblers from falling deeper into the hall.

Play Responsibly

The best thing you, as a player, can do to avoid these types of problems is play responsibly, using only the money you can afford to lose and never allowing your emotions get the better of you. Online gambling can be a rather emotional experience, and emotions of sadness and anger when you are losing are much stronger than the ones produced when you are on a lucky streak.

It is very important not to allow your feelings to take over and dictate your actions. That road can often lead you to places you definitely don’t want to visit. If you are starting to feel angry or disappointed, always stop your session in time and walk away. You can always return to the free slots games with a cool head and fresh perspective on things.

18+ Only

Online gambling is intended only for people over 18 years of age. While different jurisdiction have different laws regarding legal age for things like gambling or drinking, no reputable online casino will ever accept players under 18.

Players under 18 found to be playing at an online casino will usually have all of their funds confiscated and their accounts banned for life. Online gambling is intended for adults only and if you find yourself struggling to stay away from gambling while underage you should probably look into seeking some help before it becomes a really serious problem.

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